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Just the way we are! | Premium Partyware - LOOP by Frankie

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Just the way we are!

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform parties in unforgettable moments!


We believe in creating childhood memories, perpetuating moments that will never come back, in a way so special that it becomes sacred. We believe in parties! 

We want all the mothers, fathers and grandparents who come look for us to find inspiration in what we do and who we are.

We want them to find authenticity and that unrepeatable detail that will make the eyes of your child (small or adult) shine with that brightness that never extinguishes!

This is why we are here!

We hope to inspire you and bring you happiness in moments filled with meaning, detail, love and celebration! We believe in the beauty of moments with family, friends, in a party in the garden or a snack in a rainy afternoon.



Loop is born out of passion, glitter and the desire to create more magic in the day to day celebrations and details!

I have been creative, imaginative and full of energy ever since I was little!

I always believed in making it happen and that the magic in life is present in little details, and when I was child, manual work, inventions and original things fascinated me.

Slowly, my life and my passion for creation pushed me away from Journalism and took me to one of childhood passions -creating happiness and joy in the simple moments of our day to day lives through magic and celebration. I started with invitations, today we are a Partyware brandthat I’m very proud of.

Throughout the years, I have been joined by people who believe that life is colored, special and full of glitter and ideas started coming out of the paper, which is something that I never thought could happen! People who believe in magic and unicorns.

We are still in the beginning...

We hope to have you helping us choose the happiest path and to help you create more joyful moments in your life!